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Got to play and record a video. I was unlucky with the anglows but second time's the charm.. :) 


Dude, this is awesome! It's great to see other people play for the first time and adapt. It's clear you looked up everything beforehand so you'd know how to make a good video. I was crying laughing every time you got mad at Anglow, haha.

Some things that might have helped you (and other players):
-The cost of eggs is based on your level/how many Abomis you already have! A low price only means that you're early in the game; it doesn't mean that they were lousy eggs. It could have really helped you to not sell those eggs early on!
-You can run with B to help you get away from Abomis that are chasing you (and move faster in general).
-You couldn't run from that battle because it was against another Wrangler. You can run from wild battles no problem.
-You can tell which egg contains which Abomi by the colour. I could sense your disappointment with another Anglow before it even happened (but it was so sweet how you warmed up to your Anglow by the end).

Thanks for the let's play, man!