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Abomi Nation is a roguelike RPG inspired by monster-collecting games like Pokémon or Digimon. Every new save file will create a totally unique version of Abomi Nation and provide different Abomis for you to add to your team. You can battle with them, play games, and watch them bond with each other as your adventure unfolds in a way totally unique to your playthrough.

If you have any feedback, or especially if you find any bugs, please contact me. You can always email me at orangepylongames@gmail.com

This game has both full controller and full keyboard support!

This build was assembled for the beta demo of Abomi Nation. Aspects of the game are subject to change upon its full release.

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Tried your game. Really polished. The Cry SFX get a little bit too repetitive (arraar ararrrararar). If you want to check out a VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/naturalpowergames check out the latest one at about 2 hours 30 minutes.

Thanks for your playthrough! It's good for me to see how new players react to the opening. I'm glad things still got communicated to you even though you skipped through the majority of it (stuff like the smoke meaning the opponent would kill you). A lot of your "driving force" forward came from the story bits that you skipped over. I've heard the same thing from people that skipped the cutscene entirely, so I'm looking into ways to make your first big objective clearer. I'll also look into the speech patterns, maybe reduce the amount of times they grunt.

Also, I do have a Twitter! Itch lists it on my profile, but you've made me think that maybe I should put it in the description. Either way, here it is: https://twitter.com/orange_pylon

I'll hit you with a follow. I want to see where you take this game. 

Awesome game I had fun playing it! I wish there was a way to save it but when I tried to it would just make the game into a smaller window? Anyways here's my game play if you're interested in watching. :)

Sweet! Thanks for making this. It's always useful for me to see how new players are reacting to mechanics -- and it's especially useful in this case since you seem to have went in totally blind. Sorry about your little Lambus, but it did die in battle. Skedeerdle will have to carry your team's torch from now on!

Don't worry about saving. The game autosaves each time you enter a new area or battle. However, if you'd like to hit the Save & Quit button, you can find one on the pause menu (Start or Y buttons on a controller, Enter on the keyboard).